Tech Optics LED Handheld Magnifiers

Tech Optics LED Handheld Magnifiers

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Tech Optics LED Handheld Magnifiers

These illuminated magnifiers are small enough to fit in a pocket or purse and are great for low vision users to use at home or away from home. They provide magnification to make reading books, mail, prescriptions, bills, menus and product labels much easier. 

The aspheric lenses allow for less distortion & improved edge to edge focusing. The large, raised switch and the “easy change” battery lid makes the magnifier simple to use. The cool, bright LED light is flicker free. Each magnifier comes with 3 "AAA" batteries and a free Tech Optics lens cleaning cloth. 

  • Operation: Keep the magnifier directly over the image in the same line as your line of sight. Your eye should be parallel to the magnifier which is parallel to the image you are viewing. 
  • Focus: Place the magnifier above the page or object and raise or lower the magnifier until the image is ideally focused. 
  • Changing and Replacing Batteries: Slide tab towards the magnifier base. The battery case will snap open and the batteries can be removed and/or replaced.
  • Activities used for: Near activities such as reading, writing, crafting & sewing. 
  • Warranty: Full one year 
  • Additional Info: Keep in mind that the stronger the magnifier, the smaller the lens, which makes the field of view smaller, too. This means that fewer letters and words will be seen which can increase eye strain and cause frustration.

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