Tier 2 - Low Vision Starter Kit

Tier 2 - Low Vision Starter Kit

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The Tier 2 - Low Vision Starter Kit contains the following awesome physical and digital goodies.
Premium Low Vision Assessment Kit
  • Prism Readers +4, +6, +8, +10, +12
  • Microscopic Readers +16, +20, +24
  • Hand Magnifiers 6D, 8D, 10D, 12D, 16D, 20D, 28D, 36D
  • Stand Magnifiers 8D, 12D, 20D
  • 12D Dome Magnifier
  • Telescopes 4x12, 6x16
  • SportsGlasses/Binoculars 2.5x and 2.8x
  • Lighting Kit
  • Basic Glare Kit - Cocoon Fitovers
  • 15 Single Use Glare Cards
  • 1 Distance and 15 Printed Near Vision Charts
  • Digital Worksheets, Calculators, & Assessment Tools

6 Month Membership in Private Facebook Group

  • Hang out with cool opticians (duh)
  • Discuss ways to find clients, get help with finding solutions to difficult low vision problems, and generally bond with strangers on the internet
  • Access to curated content and astoundingly interesting thoughts created for the exclusively group

White Label Patient Guide to Improving Low Vision with Existing Tools

A patient-oriented brochure that helps you inform low vision patients about available tools (like how to enlarge their phone’s font, or special apps, etc) and how to use them to improve their low vision, which garners positive karma and general good will for you.

4-Week Live Video Training on How to Offer Low Vision Services + Accompanying eBook
  • Finding Low Vision Clients
  • Determining the Best Distance Devices
  • Determining the Best Near Devices
  • The Low Vision Troubleshooting Process (Case Studies & Best Practices)

Total Value = $2,800

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