SLAMPAK Peli Assessment Kit
SLAMPAK Peli Assessment Kit
SLAMPAK Peli Assessment Kit
SLAMPAK Peli Assessment Kit

SLAMPAK Peli Assessment Kit

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Have patients who suffer from stroke-related visual field loss? The good news is that using the Peli Lens is very likely to expand your patients' loss peripheral vision.

Over the past 20 years, Chadwick Optical (our parent company) has helped thousands of homonymous hemianopia patients regain lost visual field through Peli Lens peripheral prisms.

Now we're introducing a new way to test the Peli Lens in-office quickly and easily using our SLAMPAK Peli Assessment Kit. Woot!

 SLAMPAK Peli Assessment Kit

What the Kit Contains

Our SLAMPAK contains the following:

  • Fitover frame: using 3 magnets embedded into each side of the fitover frame, you can attach either lens to test oblique and horizontal prisms on the right or left eye without requiring your patients to take off their glasses (it also works for patients who don't wear prescription glasses)
  • Oblique Lens: the oblique lens is suited for patients who need field expansion for driving or mobility
  • Horizontal Lens: the horizonal lens is best suited for patients who want improved mobility
  • Temporary Peli Lens Kit: our temporary Peli Lens kit lets you practice fitting and training patients for the temporary lens
  • Educational Brochure: the SLAMPAK brochure contains instructions for using the SLAMPAK as well as additional information on the Peli Lens and its benefits (want the brochure now? just click here and enjoy!)

The Temporary Peli Lens

The temporary Peli Lens is an affordable option for your patients to try before committing to a more permanent and expensive solution.

While temporary Peli Lens peripheral prisms expand visual field, they are meant to be used for a short period (4-6 weeks) and do not provide as much field expansion as permanent prisms.

We do not recommend that patients rely on temporary prisms for long-term use because they will not experience as much benefit as with permanent prisms.

The good news is that 74% of patients who complete a trial with temporary prisms wished to continue using the Peli Lens. Proper fitting and training leads to even higher success rates.

Need to order temporary Peli Lens kits? Click here to check out the options we have available. We recommend keeping a few horizontal and oblique kits on hand so your patients can begin a trial run as soon as you know the Peli Lens is right for them. 

    Are you a VA?

    If you're a Veteran's Affairs entity, you may be eligible to receive the trial kit at no cost to you. Visit this page on the Chadwick Optical website to submit a request.