Oogee TBI Fitover
Oogee TBI Fitover
Oogee TBI Fitover
Oogee TBI Fitover
Oogee TBI Fitover
Oogee TBI Fitover
Oogee TBI Fitover
Oogee TBI Fitover

Oogee TBI Fitover

Product # 1083630 - Green/Blue 20%
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Our fitovers give your patients a quick and easy way to get the right polytrauma/traumatic brain injury tint for their specific needs. 

These high-quality fitovers are custom-made in the lab by our parent company, Chadwick Optical. Once you place your order, you can expect to receive your shipment in approximately 14 business days.

Frame Size

Oogee by Jonathan Paul is a Large fitover frame measuring 145 x 48mm that fits glasses not exceeding 140 x 43mm.


  • Bridge Width: 13 mm
  • Lens Width: 64 mm
  • Frame Width: 145 mm
  • Frame Height: 48 mm

To see if this fitover will work with your patient's glasses, click here to access our printable sizing guide.

***Note: the images displayed are stock photos with standard grey lenses - please be sure to select the appropriate tint in the lens color drop-down menu.

Lens Color Options

Lenses are available in twelve color options including:

  • Green/Blue 20%
  • Blue/Green 20%
  • E-50 Blue
  • E-30 Blue
  • E-15 Blue
  • Z1 Blue
  • Fl-41 27%
  • Fl-41 50%
  • Fl-41 75%
  • COI Plum
  • Plum #81
  • Plum #88

Please see the color chart image for an approximation of the tint color for each option. (While this chart is helpful for determining the general shade family of each color, it is not meant to replicate or replace the in-office tint-testing experience.)

If you want a deeper dive into each color, including its spectrophotometry chart, light transmittance, and color simulations, click here to view TBI tint information (you'll be taken to Chadwick Optical, our parent company).

Need a custom low vision tint for your patient? 

Chadwick Optical, our parent company, is an optical lab that specializes in precision tinting and difficult RXs. Click here to visit the Chadwick Optical website.