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COIL Auto Touch Max LED Handheld Magnifier
is a lightweight, user friendly, battery operated magnifier. A bi-aspheric magnifying lens provides a sharply defined, crystal clear image that is evenly illuminated by LED light source. LED light offers energy efficiency and produces excellent illumination, for a longer lasting, high brightness light.

The portable hand held magnifier is lightweight and compact enough to carry in a pocket or purse, and ergonomically designed with a smooth, comfortable shape. Easy-to-use battery and bulb compartment tabs. Includes a protective drawstring carrying case.

Product Features
  • Bi-aspheric magnifying lens for sharp, clear image
  • Bright LED light source provides energy efficiency and excellent illumination
  • Ergonomic Design for comfortable fit in hand as well as auto touch features 
  • Magnifier Length & Weight: 5.7 in. & 3.2 oz
  • Light turns on when the magnifier is picked up and turns off when it is set down