Colorblind Lenses Trial Kit
Colorblind Lenses Trial Kit
Colorblind Lenses Trial Kit

Colorblind Lenses Trial Kit

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Have patients who suffer from Color Vision Deficiency (CVD), also known as color blindness? Looking for an effective way to test lens options that won't break your (or their) bank?

Look no further....

Introducing our Colorblind Lenses Trial Kit (made possible with Chemistrie Color CVD lenses). At about the size of a VHS tape, our kit packs a big punch but has a small footprint.  

What the Kit Contains

This kit will arrive ready to help you find the best lens color for your CVD patients. Included are:

  • 3 trial lens rings to demonstrate available color options (Indoor, Outdoor Moderate, and Outdoor Severe)
  • Pamphlet with instructions, lens information, and how to use the kit
  • 2 color cards to test color vibrancy

Lens Color Options

You'll receive 3 trial lens rings including:

  • A - Indoor: for patients who mostly use the lenses inside
  • B - Outdoor Moderate: for patients who want an indoor lens and suffer from light sensitivity
  • C - Outdoor Severe: for patients who want an outdoor lens and suffer from light sensitivity

Fit Types

Lenses are available in the following fit types:

  • Clip-Ons: Available as Chemistrie magnetic clip-ons, we can make custom clip-ons to fit almost any frame (made to order in Chadwick Optical's lab)
  • Plano Glasses: Plano glasses are the perfect fit for patients who don't wear Rx lenses and want a quick, easy way to address CVD
  • Fitovers: Fitovers are an affordable, convenient way for your patients to experience color on their terms.

The Technology behind Chemistrie Color Lenses

Developed using AI-driven technology, Chemistrie Color lenses assist with the perception of color in those with color vision deficiency (CVD).

Instead of relying on heavy red or pink tinted lenses, Chemistrie Color lenses enhance genuine color vision. Patients experience the truest possible discernment of color.

Bright red lenses rely on heavy tinting that helps patients distinguish colors but also shifts their entire color spectrum.

 Chemistrie Color lenses are modified in the specific part of the visible light spectrum where patients with CVD are deficient.

With our lenses, patients can see truer color. White remains white and no colors are artificially darkened.

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Are you a VA?

If you're a Veteran's Affairs entity, you may be eligible to receive the trial kit at no cost to you. Visit this page on the Chadwick Optical website to submit a request.