Allure Colorblind Fitover
Allure Colorblind Fitover
Allure Colorblind Fitover
Allure Colorblind Fitover
Allure Colorblind Fitover
Allure Colorblind Fitover
Allure Colorblind Fitover

Allure Colorblind Fitover

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By combining Chemistrie Color lenses and our optical prowess, we've developed a convenient way for your color vision deficient (CVD) patients see color in a whole new light. 

These high-quality fitovers are custom-made in the lab by our parent company, Chadwick Optical. Once you place your order, you can expect to receive your shipment in approximately 14 business days.

Frame Size

Allure by Jonathan Paul is an Extra Large fitover frame measuring 150 x 49mm that fits glasses not exceeding 142 x 44mm.


  • Bridge Width: 16 mm
  • Lens Width: 61 mm
  • Frame Width: 150 mm
  • Frame Height: 49 mm

To see if this fitover will work with your patient's glasses, click here to access our printable sizing guide.

***Note: the images displayed are stock photos with standard grey lenses - please be sure to select the appropriate tint in the lens color drop-down menu.

Lens Color Options

Lenses are available in three color options depending on your patients’ needs and the severity of their color deficiency.

  • A – Indoor: Indoor lenses are the lightest solution and are suited primarily for indoor use.
  • B – Outdoor Moderate: Outdoor Moderate lenses are medium-colored and suited for indoor use for patients with light sensitivity and for outdoor use.
  • C – Outdoor Severe: Outdoor severe is the darkest lens option available and is suited for outdoor use for patients with light sensitivity.

The Technology

Developed using AI-driven technology, Chemistrie Color lenses assist with the perception of color in those with color vision deficiency (CVD).

Instead of relying on heavy red or pink tinted lenses, Chemistrie Color lenses enhance genuine color vision. Patients experience the truest possible discernment of color.

Bright red lenses rely on heavy tinting that helps patients distinguish colors but also shifts their entire color spectrum.

Chemistrie Color lenses are modified in the specific part of the visible light spectrum where patients with CVD are deficient.

With our lenses, patients can see truer color. White remains white and no colors are artificially darkened.