Halobright LED Handheld Magnifier 2.5x / 6D

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PowerMag+ Halobright LED Handheld Magnifier 2.5x / 6D Lens Size 100mm

This Optelec PowerMag+ Halobright magnifier is equipped with Surface Mounted Diode (SMD) LED lighting that produces a clear light creating the ideal illumination for continual use. The SMD LED light provides a very bright, evenly dispersed and high-contrast light up to 3 times brighter than other magnifiers. Made with superior German optics. The acrylic glass magnifying lens is lightweight, scratch-resistant and provides a sharply defined image. PowerMag+ magnifiers have been engineered for low energy consumption and long-lasting battery life. The user-friendly battery compartment is designed with an easy-slide ergonomic switch and attached cover that cannot be lost, great for those with limited dexterity.

Consult with your Eye Care Professional today to find out which PowerMag+ magnifier is right for you.