Our Approach to Low Vision

Why We're Different

Once upon a time, Charlie, President of both Chadwick Optical and Tech Optics International, was dialed into a semi-annual conference call with a number of other low vision companies. One of the topics of the call was to define the group’s lobbying position on whether Medicare should cover low vision devices.

Just for some context, Medicare covering low vision devices might be the single best thing that could possibly happen for elderly people with low vision.

Charlie listened to the biggest names in low vision, the folks running the largest companies in the business, discuss how supporting Medicare coverage would lead to reduced profit margins and more competition in the field, and that it was potentially a bad thing for our businesses.

Charlie sat silently on the call, disappointed at the hypocrisy shown by his peers, and recognizing the lack of weight his voice carried in this group. What about the patient!? This group's purpose was to "work to raise awareness of low vision rehabilitation among eye care providers as well as visually impaired consumers and their caregivers." What better way to support this mission than for Medicare to cover low vision devices?

When the owners of Tech Optics called Charlie to see if he was interested in purchasing the company, that was his chance to turn his disappointment into action. Chadwick Optical's mission is to “facilitate access to life-changing devices for patients with challenging visual needs.” This was the opportunity to do that for low vision devices!

You see, we think putting profit over patients is flat-out wrong. While we can't claim to be a nonprofit, we want to make the world a better place, and hopefully make some money in the process. But we NEVER want to come between patients and what they need. Particularly people marginalized by the current healthcare system, like elderly and disabled folks.

Bottom line? Our mission is to help low vision patients find the right device to help them see better. Period.

So we’re here - whether you need guidance finding devices or want to learn how to better support low vision patients.  

How We Approach Low Vision

Here’s a heavily guarded industry secret: low vision is not complicated.

Many people, eyecare specialists and patients alike, are intimidated by low vision because it exists outside the realm of what they’re comfortable with: glasses. If glasses can’t fix a vision problem, what can?

Enter Tech Optics. We enable low vision patients to see better.

To do this, we use a simple but effective process that puts the right solution for the desired vision goal into the patient’s hands. 

  • Step 1 - Assess Vision: Understand what the patient can see
  • Step 2 - Determine Goals: Figure out what the patient needs help with seeing
  • Step 3 - Select Solutions: Find the best low vision devices for the patient’s vision goals

If this process seems like too much, don’t worry, we’ve got your back. Between our resource center chock full of optical goodies and our eagerness to discuss your low vision needs, we’re determined to remove as many barriers between patients and low vision solutions as possible.

Tools & Resources

Did you know that most questions that start with "did you know" are usually super boring and possibly totally irrelevant?

Well, not in this case. Because we're about to rock your world with our super-fly low vision resources.

Take a gander at our tips, tricks, and tools for helping other people gander better. (Or ignore them and go it alone - it sucks more than using our free stuff does. Scout's honor.)

Feel free to give us a call if you need an extra hand, or eye.

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