Remote Low Vision Assessment Kit

VENDOR: Tech Optics

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Tech Optics created this Remote Low Vision Assessment Kit to assist in determining the best Low Vision products to benefit an individual. Our unique and comprehensive Kit includes Near and Distance Acuity/Contrast Cards, two lightweight and user-friendly lamps to bring light directly where it's needed and Cocoon Lightguard Fitover Glasses (four different lens filters - orange, yellow, gray & brown) to help determine an individual's contrast needs. Our Remote Low Vision Assessment Kit comes with clear and simple written instructions in addition to links to video instructions to make assessing needs as easy as possible.

Acuity Assessment The 8 1/2" x 11" Acuity/Contrast Card measures acuity distance from 8.0M to .375M and contrast in steps from 5% to 100%. 

Lighting The flexible, lightweight rechargeable LED neck lamp is ideal for reading and crafting. The clip-on, USB powered, gooseneck LED desk lamp comes with 3 lighting modes - Cool White, Warm White and Natural White - and 10 brightness levels.

Filters Orange & Yellow Fitover glasses to enhance contrast and depth perception. Brown & Gray Fitover glasses to reduce brightness and glare - supporting outdoor light sensitivity. Each are available in Medium and Large sizes. 

Tech Optics Remote Low Vision Assessment Kit is Part I of Tech Optics two-part Low Vision Assessment Process. Part II is a Diopter Equivalency Kit. Ask us about creating a DEQ Kit for you.